Scott Mackes USNA, '01

Building a Group Committed to Investing in Service Academy Veterans and Business Leaders


"SABM helped us quickly raise $600k for Warrior Centric Health."

- Mike Klein USMA, '89 



Established in April 2019, the SABM Investor Network has grown to include over 600 members strong. With further marketing of the network via Localvest, the network is on pace to reach over 1000 service academy investors and business leaders.


The SABM network has come together to fund investments ranging from $400K to over $1M in new investment for the Issuers it has served.


SABM is now on pace to present 1-2 deals to its membership every month, providing an important source of capital to the entrepreneurs and business leaders it represents.

Scott Mackes USNA, '01 leads the Service Academy Business Mastermind organization, which services thousands of alumni of the (e.g. West Point, The Naval Academy, Coast Guard, and The Air Force Academy).  As the leader of SABM, Scott hosts a weekly podcast and holds regular business mentoring sessions and meetups for its members.  To further his mission of serving this community, Scott used the Localvest platform to organize an Investor Group to help members invest in high-quality investments offered by Service Academy graduates.  

About Service Academy Business Mastermind

The Service Academy Business Mastermind (SABM) is filled with Service Academy graduates on an entrepreneurial-, career- and business-building adventure.  We are a community of Academy grads who create exponential value for each other through new learning, collaboration and connections.


Scott was looking for a way to connect the members in the SABM community with capital for their investment opportunities.  He was also looking for a source of quality investments for members to invest in. The Service Academy Investor Group has been a match made in heaven.


Scott sent a survey to members to determine the level of interest regarding participation in an Investor Group for SABM.  Based on the initial enthusiastic response, Scott created an Investor Group on Localvest and began to invite those who expressed interest.  The SABM Investor group reaches hundreds of members via the Localvest platform, and Scott uses the system to present deals and manage investor communication.  New investment opportunities are generated from group members, and Scott now provides a platform showcasing these investment opportunities to his members. SABM further supports the mission of serving the Service Academy professionals by helping to fund investments led by veterans.